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Game Developers: the GameSpawn Library is available on CD-ROM!

The complete collection of Public Domain graphics and audio files and Open Source Java code in the GameSpawn Library is available to you on one complete CD-ROM. All of these files have been released to the Public Domain or under the terms of an Open Source software license so that you can use them in your game development efforts royalty free.

  • The CD-ROM contains all of the audio, graphics, and source code files in the online GameSpawn Library.

  • None of the audio, graphics, and source code files requires royalties for reuse.

  • All audio and graphics files have been released to the Public Domain.

  • All source code is available under the terms of a non-viral Open Source license such as the Mozilla Public License (MPL). You can mix and match GameSpawn code with your proprietary code without fear of contamination!

  • All source code on the CD-ROM includes the Open Source license statement prepended to each file and each collection of audio and graphics files contains a file in the CD-ROM directory stating release to the Public Domain by GameSpawn, Inc.

The CD-ROM is currently available at the introductory price of $15.00 plus applicable sales tax for California residents and businesses.

To receive your CD-ROM, please contact

Your payment goes toward the creation of more GameSpawn Library content. If you are interested in supporting GameSpawn through a CD-ROM subscription, please let us know.