• This game is still under development.
  • The veridian circles are obstacles which randomly drift about.
  • Collision detection is enabled once the obstacles no longer overlap.
  • The tanks will navigate around the obstacles to pursue targets.


  • TODO


  • TODO


  • I previously wrote this game in the Java programming language in 2003.
  • It was deployed as part of the CroftSoft Collection.
  • I featured it in my 2004 book Advanced Java Game Programming in a chapter describing how to use the A* algorithm for path-finding.
  • In 2023, I converted the Java code to the Rust programming language. Since Java applets are no longer supported in Web browsers, I compiled the Rust code to WebAssembly (Wasm) to get it to run in a webpage. See my Rust and WebAssembly research page for links to tutorials that I wrote on how to do this.